Olivetti “OLIVETTI” steel, aluminum, ABS, acrylic, spring steel, wood,
piezo pickups, motor. 40”H X 22”W X 14”D c 2008
Bass “BASS 2” aluminum, stainless steel, wood, magnetic and piezo
pickups. 77”W X 36”H c1990
Big Marimba “BIG MARIMBA” [one of a pair] mahogany, maple, aluminum,
delrin, piezo pickups. 47”H X 96”W X 45”D c 1995
Abdul “ABDUL” aluminum, stainless steel, wood, piano strings,
magnetic pickups. 72”H X 12”DIA. c 1990
Carollina “CAROLLINA” wood, aluminum, nylon strings,
piezo pickups. 56”H X 38”W X 26”D c 1993
Anemone “ANEMONE” aluminum, steel, wood, piezo pickups,
driver circuits, amplification. 77”H X 12”DIA. c 2009
Trylon “TRYLON” aluminum, stainless steel, brass, wood,
magnetic and piezo pickups. 55” H X 50”W X 37”D c1991
Timbajo “TIMBAJO” aluminum, wood, piezo pickups.
48”W X 40”H X 27”D c 1990
Rod Harps “ROD HARPS” wood, glass tube, aluminum,
piezo pickups, lighting. 55”H X 22”DIA. c 1996
Percussion Tree “PERCUSSION TREE” steel, aluminum,
magnetic pickups. 54”H X 21”DIA. c 1992
Oove “OOVE” aluminum, wood, magnetic pickups,
driver circuits. 64”H X 19”W X 20”D c 1994
Kalimba “KALIMBA” stainless steel, phosphor bronze, wood,
aluminum, piezo pickups. 36”H X 21”DIA. c 1991
Due Capi “DUE CAPI” aluminum, wood, stainless steel,
sax mouth pieces. 50”H X 10”DIA. c 1991
Drone Drum “DRONE DRUM” aluminum, stainless steel, wood,
magnetic and piezo pickups. 40”H X 12”D c 1991
Crystal Harp “CRYSTAL HARP” wood, glass rods, aluminum, delrin,
music wire, piezo pickups. 64”H X 56”W X 30”D c 1996
Crawdad “CRAWDAD” maple, sitka spruce, aluminum,
carbon fiber, piezo pickups. 51”H X 15”W X 22”D c 199

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