About Oliver DiCicco

Oliver DiCicco displays the versatility of a renaissance artist. He is a multi-talented designer who is at the same time sculptor, fabricator, scientist, engineer, and musician. The mix of playful curiousity,technical capability and aesthetic sensibility required to accomplish his broad range of work is astonishing.

Oliver DiCicco has made San Francisco his base of operations for over thirty years. Early in his career he was the owner and chief engineer of Mobius Music Recording, a highly respected, state of the art recording facility. His work in the audio field has been recognized by several Grammy nominations, and RIAA gold record awards. His sculptural work focuses primarily on musical instrument sculpture and kinetic sound sculpture. He designed and built the musical instruments for the Mobius Operandi ensemble. Formed in 1991, the ensemble plays composed and improvised music and has performed in numerous concerts and multi-disciplinary theater productions. DiCicco’s large-scale kinetic sound sculptures and avant guard set designs have drawn rave reviews while being used as interactive components in unique theatrical productions.

Oliver’s experimental sculptural musical instruments have been described in Bart Hopkin’s book, Gravikords, Whilrlies & Pyrophones, as being “high tech” but “with a human sort of tactility”, and “beautifully fashioned.” Not surprising that his furniture, lighting and architectural design also display this pleasing synthesis as well as the same impeccable craftsmanship. DiCicco’s work provokes a sense of awe, whether the piece is a musical instrument, set design, or sculpture.